Fascinating Output of Wedding Photoshoot in Mountains Using Game Camera

Game Cameras and Wedding Photography

wedding photoshoot in forest1The imagery of mountains is somewhat enticing and fascinating. In fact, there are many photographers who are utilizing as one of their elements in a well composed photograph. Having wedding photoshoot in mountains with game camera is one of the most peculiar things you have heard but you will be surprised with the results as most photos are really stunning and completely different from the usual wedding photos.

If your game camera is wide lens, it can be able to include extensive mountain peak wedding photos. Mountain photos are very flexible too; it can capture different forms of natural landscape like water reflection, terrain of mountains, lush forest vegetation, beautiful sky and many more. There are a number of ways as well to utilize mountain as an element in your wedding photography.

Mountains as wedding photography backdrop

If you are looking for framing elements, you can always have near object photographed in contrast with the mountains in the background if you are down the valley. These types of photos can be captured while the team is still on the process of hiking up to the peak of the mountain. According to experts, during the onset of the shoot alone, you can make use of many framing elements like trees for your wedding photoshoot. Other foregrounding details that you can use in your wedding photography are flowers, grazing wildlife, lake, boats, barns and many more. Aside from giving the wedding photo a sense of visual element, it also provides scale and location as well. These elements are not found in a regular wedding photo shot from the insides of the hotels and other indoor venues.

Reflections used in wedding photography

Most mountains are surrounded a body of water, may it be a lake or a river. According to mountain wedding photographers, these elements can be used in your reflection shoot. However, reflection shoots are only possible if the water surrounding the foot of the mountain is not choppy. The reason why most wedding shoots in the mountain will take days is that the photographers are waiting for the right timing when to shoot. Most of the time, water reflection is best when it is sunrise or sundown. First and last light of the day photos are always very stunning especially when the background has mountain on it.

If you are going to hire a photographer/team who is doing wedding photoshoot in mountains with game camera, make sure that you hire the right studio. Surely, there are a lot of wedding photography studios out there but only a few is specializing in this type of photography niche. In a way, wedding photography in mountains is not just about shooting photos; it is also having through hiking to different shooting locations. When decide to get this type of setup, make sure you are ready physically and mentally because you are going to hike up in the mountain.

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How to Achieve the Perfect Wedding Headshot in Houston, TX?

Tips to Have the Best Wedding Headshot

PhotographerAside from catering service and venue you also need to prepare for photography. Today, wedding headshots in Houston, TX are a critical piece of many entrepreneurs’ media kit, venture-capital presentation and social-media presence. A dynamic head shot for some professionals can often be the difference between acquiring a job or not. A good professional photographer will know how to get someone to relax in front of the camera, evoke the best poses and provide suggestions for accentuating an individual’s positive features and traits. Here are some tips for achieving the perfect headshot:


A lens with a large aperture is a must when choosing a camera for shooting headshots. Remember, even today’s smartphones have such apertures. Or you can use in-an camera filter as a substitute. Avoid using wide-angle lens when photographing headshots. Unless you’re trying to achieve a dramatic, artistic style photo, the subject will appear unrealistic, with imperfections amplified as in a caricature. The equipment is very important for photographers to capture the best headshot.


The type of background is important, so try to have some design details, rather than an empty sky. The key is to have a background that will allow your head shot to pop. A plain background works best, but if the subject is in a crowd or bust area, blur the background as much as you can with the help of a telephoto lens, wide open. The background adds context to the image, so avoid having the composition being too light. You need to make sure that you have the right background for the perfect wedding headshot.

Facial expressions

When it comes to facial expressions, confidence matters. You can tell people that they can choose to smile or not but never appear too serious. Make sure your subjects looks at the camera and always have the camera slightly above to avoid the dreaded “double chin” look. A subject might want to practice some facial expressions in the mirror. The photographer should always be aware of the direction of the eyes. This is very important to the composition of a wedding headshot in Houston, TX.


To avoid a passport-type look in a headshot, avoid symmetry in the person’s stance. Ask the individual to refrain from having the shoulders aligned but rather stand or sit with one in front and one turned to the back. At the very minimum, try to fit the portrait into a composition with a symmetric frame behind. For example, if there’s a door or a window behind your subject, a nice composition would include the head in its middle. If there’s a corridor, try to fit the person’s head right in the middle. Don’t neglect to consider the person’s attire, even if it’s only partially in view. In addition, foreground elements can be good additions as long as they are abstract and not too distracting. This will make the composition look better, more here pixelstudioproductions.com/houston-photography/professional-corporate-headshots.

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Tips on How to Have a Successful Houston, TX Newborn Photography Session

Planning Out for Newborn Photography Session

Pro PhotographerDo you enjoy looking at baby photos with costume and cute accessories? If yes then scheduling your little bundle of joy for newborn photography in Houston, TX is a must. Photos from this shoot will be forever remembered especially when compiled in a single album.

To help you have a successful session, here are some of the tips from professionals:

(1) Capturing minute details

According to photographers, the newborn photography stage is so quick so you really need to have documentations. For all you know, your baby has grown up into a fine young man or woman already. Moments wherein the baby is sleeping, yawning, crying and etc are very precious. These moments are so dear, and if you have not documented them they will be lost forever. Please take note than a yawn or cry of a 4 months old infant is different from a 4 year old one. ?

(2) Taking photos at home

Home is where the babies are most comfortable. If you want to capture them feeling comfy then it is important to schedule a session at home. Please take note that there is a huge difference between photos taken in the studio versus the ones taken at home. To find great ideas you may check the photos in http://pixelstudioproductions.com/houston-photography/maternity-newborn-photography-houston-tx/.

(3) Photo session within 10 days

According to experts, babies are considered newborns within three months. The reason why photographers recommend having the shoot within three days after they are born is that they are easy to manage. You can put on costume to them without having any fuzz and other disturbances. Most of the time, babies within three months are just sleeping.

If you will be getting the service of newborn photography in Houston, TX, please make sure that you talk to the right professional, just like when you look for a catering services.. The principles of this type of photography are the same with the basics, but it is much better if you hire an experience one.

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A Bride’s Guide to Family Photography Sessions in Houston, TX

Gathering Your Family for a Nice Portrait

When doing a photography session you have to make sure everything is in order.

Unfortunately taking a bride’s family portrait during a photography session in Houston, TX is never easy. Here are some tips to help you through it.

Professional PhotographerOn the off chance that managing an extensive family, motivate individuals to stand together however in gatherings. Tall, more youthful individuals at the back, more seasoned individuals at the inside and youngsters at the front. Likewise recall to keep the taller individuals at the finishes of the photo. For an easygoing impact don’t have any strict, ‘short to tall’ request as this appears to be imagined. Utilize an outside flash to light any shadows and stop appearances, and a more extensive profundity of field to keep everybody sharp, check this out www.pixelstudioproductions.com/houston-photography/houston-family-photographer/.

Be inventive with how you place individuals in a bride’s family photography portrait in Houston, TX. This will rely on upon what number of individuals you are managing and the amount of space you have however with your normal family with 2 kids, you can make a satisfying no holds barred circle. Get everybody on the ground holding hands and utilize a standard or wide-point lens; from 17mm to 50mm.

An incredible thought is to show feeling and closeness in your family representations. Let your subjects hold and embrace one another. You can likewise make generational contrasts self-evident; a grandma took after by little girl took after by granddaughter; for the most part the age contrasts are clear. Take these sorts of shots with normal light and quick shade paces to catch any huge grins the minute they happen; requesting that individuals hold a smiles gives an unnatural impact.

Family portraits are an event to look great. Have a go at getting each one to wear shades of the same shading or the same sort of garments for an intriguing impact. Ask everybody in the family picture to dress in garments that function admirably together or have a go at blending and coordinating for a more changed impact. You can also incorporate a family picture while having a sumptuous dinner.

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