Picking Safe Baby Crib Mattress as a Bridal Gift

How to Choose Safe Baby Crib Mattress

baby crib mattress1Choosing baby crib mattress as a bridal gift is a very practical choice that you can commit to because the couple will eventually have their baby as the years will go by. Although they could not use the mattress after their honeymoon, they can keep it for the years to come.

According to home improvement experts, there are two issues that you need to overcome if you decide to buy a baby mattress as a gift to your friend who is about to tie the knot. The first issue is its price. Most gifters are avoiding buying safe-mattress as a gift because they are naturally crazy expensive. In short, you need to allot bigger amount of cash for the gift.

The second issue is the labelling deception that says “eco”. There are many sellers out there that are putting out ads that are naturally deceptive. They will claim that their mattresses are natural. However, if you are not really familiar with the materials, you will easily agree. Make sure that the covers of the eco mattress are not made of fabric that is petroleum based. Avoid items that are toxic because they are easy to burn and damage. As much as possible, the eco product should be water-proof, flame-proof, bacteria resistant and many more. When it has an “eco” label, make sure that it is indeed speaking for its label; the best thing to confirm if it’s authentic or not is through reviews and comments of moms who are using the product.

In order to avoid harmful types of mattress, make sure that the label of the products is not from China. According to most complaints by moms, most products from China (not all) are charged with toxic chemicals that are considered as flame retardants. Some of the brands coming from China are already banned in the US so you might want to check the list.

When buying a mattress, you should avoid covers and paddings that are made of foams from soy, polyurethane, polyester, synthetic latex and etc. These types of materials are proven to have high levels of chemicals like petroleum. Most of the labels nowadays are really deceiving so you should read the description carefully. Moreover, you should get the item from a legit provider, not just anywhere else.

Your soon to be married friends will be surely happy if you give them baby crib mattress as a bridal gift. It will spare them from spending more cash in the future in buying accessories for their newly born. If you need more guidance in this type of purchase, do not forget to research ahead of time.

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