Fascinating Output of Wedding Photoshoot in Mountains Using Game Camera

Game Cameras and Wedding Photography

wedding photoshoot in forest1The imagery of mountains is somewhat enticing and fascinating. In fact, there are many photographers who are utilizing as one of their elements in a well composed photograph. Having wedding photoshoot in mountains with game camera is one of the most peculiar things you have heard but you will be surprised with the results as most photos are really stunning and completely different from the usual wedding photos.

If your game camera is wide lens, it can be able to include extensive mountain peak wedding photos. Mountain photos are very flexible too; it can capture different forms of natural landscape like water reflection, terrain of mountains, lush forest vegetation, beautiful sky and many more. There are a number of ways as well to utilize mountain as an element in your wedding photography.

Mountains as wedding photography backdrop

If you are looking for framing elements, you can always have near object photographed in contrast with the mountains in the background if you are down the valley. These types of photos can be captured while the team is still on the process of hiking up to the peak of the mountain. According to experts, during the onset of the shoot alone, you can make use of many framing elements like trees for your wedding photoshoot. Other foregrounding details that you can use in your wedding photography are flowers, grazing wildlife, lake, boats, barns and many more. Aside from giving the wedding photo a sense of visual element, it also provides scale and location as well. These elements are not found in a regular wedding photo shot from the insides of the hotels and other indoor venues.

Reflections used in wedding photography

Most mountains are surrounded a body of water, may it be a lake or a river. According to mountain wedding photographers, these elements can be used in your reflection shoot. However, reflection shoots are only possible if the water surrounding the foot of the mountain is not choppy. The reason why most wedding shoots in the mountain will take days is that the photographers are waiting for the right timing when to shoot. Most of the time, water reflection is best when it is sunrise or sundown. First and last light of the day photos are always very stunning especially when the background has mountain on it.

If you are going to hire a photographer/team who is doing wedding photoshoot in mountains with game camera, make sure that you hire the right studio. Surely, there are a lot of wedding photography studios out there but only a few is specializing in this type of photography niche. In a way, wedding photography in mountains is not just about shooting photos; it is also having through hiking to different shooting locations. When decide to get this type of setup, make sure you are ready physically and mentally because you are going to hike up in the mountain.

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Great Wedding Photography Ideas You Might Want To Try in Houston, TX

Wedding Photography Ideas

Photographer1The trends in wedding catering and photography are always changing. There are some people who are looking for something unique for their wedding. Lucky for them because m wedding photographers in Houston, TX these days are coming up with a line-up of unique concepts that can effectively cater to the distinct personalities of the clients. Unique styles are very common to couples who are looking for unconventional and want to get away from traditional concept wherein quality is not being taken for granted. Modern photographers offer innovative and flexible concepts that are more fitting for these special clients.

Wedding photography themes are becoming popular and in demand today. This latest trend performed by professional wedding photographers in Houston, TX is perfect to effectively represent the distinctive style preferences of today’s couples.  Below are the current extraordinary trends in wedding photography that are highly recommended by experts for modern couples that want a break from tradition.

Vintage Black and White

Although this is no longer new in the industry but in modern time such style creates an amazing piece of art. It is noticeable nowadays that many brides actually love the vintage appeal of black and white photographs. There are some editorial magazines that prefer to use black and white to create dramatic effect. In wedding photography, vintage never really gets “old.” This type of photography can cater both classic and hippie wedding style. The vintage black and white concept can easily be achieved. However, there are some photographers who bring this style into a whole new level.

The Wet Concept

You heard it right. Basically, this type of photography can be very fun. Who don’t love water anyway? Couple can take splash with the sea water or pool. For a more extreme wedding photography in Houston, TX you want to try underwater photography. However, this type of photography is more expensive than the ordinary one.

Standing at the Edge of World

For some couple having extreme photos is something that is worth keeping. There are photographers who cater deadly and mind blowing stunts. Examples are wedding photos taken in cliff. There are places in U.S. that offer great scenery like sea of clouds. It’s very artistic and dramatic, but what’s particularly nice about this type of wedding photography is that it provides a rare shoots that only few people can perform. Another example is a shoot in a high tree where couple is watching the sunset.

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